Future for Kids - Kenya e.V.



Diani Busara Junior School is project of future for kids a german club. It is a non-profit organization registered both in Kenya and Germany. The word Busara is a Swahili word meaning natural wisdom of doing good things. The organization is for the advancement of school children in Kenya.

THE SCHOOL MOTTO - Education for the best future

THE SCHOOL MISSION - To offer quality education and training through promotion of sponsorship , innovations  and tapping of children potential for the best future life.

THE SCHOOL VISION - To be a leading provider of Education within and beyond Kenya.


1.      Providing affordable education to all the society.

2.      Reduce the cost of education to ensure it’s affordable to all.

3.      Initiate sponsorship program to cater for the cost of education for the pupils.

4.      To provide a balanced nutrition to the children through provision of well

          balanced meals.

5.      To create a home environment to all children where all are accepted despite their

          family backgrounds.

6.      Developing talents through games, sports, music and drama.

7.      Developing technical skills through practical learning.

8.      Engaging volunteers for short term and long term projects and assignments  from

         different parts of the world for interaction through learning, sports, games, music

         drama for the benefit of the children.

  • 1.      Learning and teaching activities.
  • 2.      Sporting activities such as Football, basketball,volleyball.tabletennis e.t.c
  • 3.      Clubs and societies such as 4K clubs, debating, music and drama.
  • 4.      Practical skills such as Agriculture, technical and general....

But we do not want to consider the problems of this country , but the odds :

If you give children not only the right but also the opportunity to education , that means a foundation for a change.

Changes in the child's life , in their families , in their home places in their beloved country Kenya.

They get an important asset in the hand , which can never be taken from them :


F i n e s s


This condition in Kenya does not allow adequate education , which private schools understand as their destiny.

However, only a few families can afford the school fees.


This situation was the impetus for the creation of the of our fund " Future for kids - Kenya e.V.":

The dream of a social private school with low tuition fees and partial funding through sponsorships. Children from very poor families are supported by sponsorships - the big goal would be, finding them for every child in our school. A godmother / godfather to find , regardless of family background or from which it originates .


The club was founded in 2010 in Öhningen to help the children of Ukunda which is located on the most beautiful south coast of Kenya , to offer a good education and to enable them for future prospects .

In August 2011, we began to build our own school, the " Diani Busara Junior School " and in January 2012 the school system was taken.


This school teaches from nursery - baby class - up to 8 Class attended.

Our school children get on breakfast break a sweet warm porridge , called Uji , all the children love and also varied hot lunch in our school. More than one meal a day is not at all self-evident for the children in Kenya ! Our school lunches is a welcome help in the daily survivalfight for our school childrens families.