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Kenya - the country which most people first make think of hunger , AIDS and poverty.


But we do not want to consider the problems of this country , but the odds :

If you give children not only the right but also the opportunity to education , that means a foundation for a change.

Changes in the child's life , in their families , in their home places in their beloved country Kenya.

They get an important asset in the hand , which can never be taken from them :


F i n e s s


This condition in Kenya does not allow adequate education , which private schools understand as their destiny.

However, only a few families can afford the school fees.


This situation was the impetus for the creation of the of our fund " Future for kids - Kenya e.V.":

The dream of a social private school with low tuition fees and partial funding through sponsorships. Children from very poor families are supported by sponsorships - the big goal would be, finding them for every child in our school. A godmother / godfather to find , regardless of family background or from which it originates .


The club was founded in 2010 in Öhningen to help the children of Ukunda which is located on the most beautiful south coast of Kenya , to offer a good education and to enable them for future prospects .

In August 2011, we began to build our own school, the " Diani Busara Junior School " and in January 2012 the school system was taken.


This school teaches from nursery - baby class - up to 8 Class attended.

Our school children get on breakfast break a sweet warm porridge , called Uji , all the children love and also varied hot lunch in our school. More than one meal a day is not at all self-evident for the children in Kenya ! Our school lunches is a welcome help in the daily survivalfight for our school childrens families.